About this training bundle

The first mountain I ever climbed was Mount Theilsen. As a kid, I remember asking my dad if a person could climb a mountain that steep. He said yes. I told him that I wanted to climb that mountain some day. He laughed…

Every mountain and every attempt to climb a mountain is a new challenge and a new adventure. Climbing mountains can be boring, terrifying, exhausting, disappointing and exhilarating. Climbing mountains requires focus and extraordinary mental toughness.

In my thinking, fitness training is like climbing mountains.

The ReNA Training Bundles are very HARD efforts (some are terrifying), boring repetitive practice, the usual ‘ReNA mental stress’ and lots of self-satisfaction… J

Form & Movements

We’re still working on our form library, but you can view it here.


To reduce the risk of personal and bodily injury, before beginning this or any exercise program, please consult a healthcare provider for appropriate exercise evaluation and safety precautions. Exercise is not without risks, and this or any other exercise program may result in injury, aggravation of a preexisting condition, or adverse effect of overexertion such as muscle strain, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disorders of heartbeat, and in very rare instances heart attack. The exercise instruction and advice presented in this video are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have abnormal physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a physician. ReNA®, LLC disclaims any and all liability from and in connection with these video training sessions… J

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